Congratulations to our first Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation Scholarship recipients:

Cody Ching

Cody is pursuing a Natural Resource and Environmental Management degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is an active and passionate ambassador for CTAHR and rangeland stewardship.

"I envision a future where Hawaii’s grazing lands are maintained through sustainable and traditional methods to ensure a bright future for the citizens of Hawaii and their keiki.

As a Hawaii resident that loves beef, I feel we must acknowledge the growing importance of sustainable agriculture in Hawaii and how traditional practices and research are the steppingstones to that goal. My initial interests have developed into a passion for this topic where not only do I understand the significance, but also feel a responsibility to share my knowledge with future generations."

Nahenahe Rosario

Nahenahe is heading to Montana State University to pursue a degree in Livestock Managment and Industry. 

"I want to help make sure there is still land on our islands that are sustainable for grazing. I want to go to college to gain the knowledge I need to help make the islands a great source for livestock production. I plan on coming home after college and sharing my knowledge with younger generations and help make the islands a great source for livestock production."