The Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation's mission is to perpetuate sound stewardship of Hawaii's rangelands through advocacy and education.

The Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation (HRSF) is committed to enhancing sound rangeland stewardship practices through the support of programs that bring together science, technology, and expertise. With 20% of Hawaii's lands in rangeland, ranchers, resource managers, and sound stewardship practices have a positive impact on practices that honor the past, present, and future of Hawaii's lands.

We all have a stake in how Hawaii's open space rangeland is managed. Hawaii rangeland contributes to our quality of life and broader community through watershed enhancement, carbon sequestration, habitat preservation, wildfire mitigation, noxious weed control, scenic beauty, and preserving cultural values. Our Foundation offers the community an opportunity to support the funding of a broad variety of educational, research, and outreach programs targeted at bringing together the best of resource and industry management expertise, science, and those who are the boots on the ground.

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